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The Office Ouahnoun Presse
  • Ouahnoun Presse Press office opening date: 1st November 1980
  • A showroom based in the heart of the french capital city
  • Our universe: FASHION, a team of six people entirely dedicated to our brands
  • Our core mission :
  • Press relations : Print, web and blogs
  • Press kit / catalogue production
  • Dispatch the press release
  • Emailed press release
  • Organize Press Days twice a year during which journalists are welcome to discover new collections
  • Regular face-to-face appointments with journalists
  • Consult, advice and give keys orientations to our clients
  • Quantify the press coverage
  • Events: fashions shows, press conference, store openings and influencers/blogs events
  • Community management
  • Our target: print and online media, television

    75002 PARIS
    01 42 33 02 59